White Swiss Shepherd Breeder





Raymond and I have always had dogs, particularly shepherds, we found them to be very loving and loyal.

Our first White Shepherd was Roxy (Sunshine Sabrina).

After some research Ray and I decided we had to have a White Shepherd. We already had a Solid Black GSD, with a beautiful temperament.

Ray spent a lot of time searching for a White Shepherd. We finally found a breeder in QLD (Sunshine Kennels) that had puppies.

Ray spent a lot of time talking to Trish at Sunshine kennels, and we were lucky enough to add Roxy to our household of 1 cat, 1 German Shepherd and 2 daughters.

Roxy is very intelligent and gentle in nature and her greatest love is lure coursing.

All our dogs are obedience trained and a big part of our family life.

We joined the White Swiss Shepherd Dog club of Australia and attend most of the outings, which we, and our dogs thoroughly enjoy.

Two years after adding Roxy to our family Ray and I began to think about adding another Shepherd to our household. We wanted a Coolabah Shepherd out of longcoat female Coolabah Abbey Mist, Coolabah Kennels is also located in QLD.

Once there were puppies available we purchased Coolabah Eden Mist who we called “Abbey”.

Because of Abbeys wonderful traits we have decided to breed with her, and so begins Amethyst Kennels.


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